Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What's Been Keeping Me Going Lately

1. Mom's good cooking.

2. The notes I got (directly or through Mom) from all of you.

3. Lentils! Yes, I'm posting about legumes at last. I've been supplementing the food Mom's been bringing me with my two favorite lentil recipes. You'll find the first, Greek fakes as interpreted by Adriana Shum, here (scroll down until you see "Bottomless Lentil Soup Pot"). I make the version with cinnamon and swirl a bit of sundried tomato paste into each serving. The second, apricot-lentil soup, is available here. They're both easy and both really, really good.

Speaking of good: Mom made some fantastic lasagne a week or two ago. Perhaps she'll post the recipe...

I have more to say about lentils, and I haven't even touched beans yet--but I think this will have to do for tonight. I miss you guys.