Saturday, January 21, 2006

Roasted Things

A while ago, on my blog, I promised to post a little something on my experiment with roasting pumpkin seeds. Despite my fond memories of the pumpkin seeds Mom used to roast when we'd carve our pumpkins, I'd never tried to do it myself.

This year, however, Carissa and I split a farm share, and in one of the boxes of produce there was a pumpkin--which became mine when we split the box. I had a great time carving it on Halloween, and of course I had to roast the seeds. But how?

A quick Google search revealed two popular techniques. The first was simple: you wash the seeds, coat them with butter or oil and spices, and roast away. The second added a step: you boil them in a brine before cooking and roasting, which makes them crunchier. I'm a big fan of both crunchiness and complication, so I chose the latter. I based the technique on this recipe, but coated the seeds with butter, worstershire sauce, and pepper. The results made me wish I'd had a bigger pumpkin.

Today I'm roasting something entirely different: green soybeans. I tried edamame for the first time only a few weeks ago, at Blue C Sushi, a Kaiten-zushi bar (a Japanese version of fast food, a.k.a. "Sushi-go-round"--the sushi comes around on a conveyor belt). The edamame was served cold in a thickish red spicy sauce with garlic, and I loved it. I'd hoped to find a recipe for that sort of preparation, but I didn't see anything even remotely similar online.

Fortunately, though, I did find a recipe for spicy roasted edamame. I just took the dish out of the oven and had my first taste, and I'm happy to report it's quite satisfying in a different kind of way. I roasted the soybeans for a little less time than the recipe recommends; the texture reminds me of nicely roasted new potatoes, and they're spicy.

Have any of you tried edamame? I hear you can use it as a replacement for lima beans, which may or may not constitute a recommendation...




Blogger Laurie said...

Hi Christy,

I would not have thought to roast soybeans at home. We have sampled some at a farm where we go to pick berries and get pumpkins and play in the hay barn. And we've discovered that we love soybeans in stir fry. We go to a place called Mongolian BBQ once or twice a year as it's pricey. It is a raw food buffet. The first time we went it was a little strange. But we really like it, especially Benjamin because you make your concoctions. You pick out a little meat (or not) and pick all your own veges including soybeans, then your oil or sauce and spices. The "grillerz" fry it up for you and entertain as they fry.
Your farm share sounds so interesting that I went and looked at the site. How fun to participate in that. Of course, fresh veges and fruit are always fun to cook with or simply snack on. love, Laurie

6:27 AM  
Blogger MaggieMom said...

Surprise! I finally am checking this blog! I just checked out Ed's Space, too.

Your roasted pumpkin seeds and edamame sound like fun. I remember doing the pumpkin seeds and of course I took the easy way out - not sure I even washed them off too much, just put some oil or butter & salt on them & roasted. Don't remember at what temp or for how long. I think it was all trial & error, from hearsay, not a recipe. I haven't yet tried the fresh soybeans. I'll try to post something soon. MaggieMom

11:40 PM  

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