Sunday, May 01, 2005

Spanish Rice with Pork Chops for Mom

Hmmm. Still no legumes. Don't worry, I am planning to go on at great length about lentils sometime soon.

I realized, though, that Mom had asked me about the Spanish rice and pork chops recipe that's in my recipe box and that perhaps posting it here would be a good way to get it to her. It's not my recipe, really; it came from my Dad's mother, and I inherited it when I inherited the recipe box. Mom only realized she didn't still have it when she went to make Spanish rice the other day and had to improvise.

Here's the old recipe, with a couple of comments from me:

Spanish Rice with Pork Chops

Brown pork chops in butter and oil [in an ovenproof pan]. Add sage. Take out and lay aside. Brown 1 cup brown rice and 1 large onion or 2 small onions [chopped] and 1 large green pepper (chopped) until tender. Pour tomato juice (one large can) over rice and onions and green pepper. Season with salt & pepper and about 1 Tb brown sugar. Add pork chops to top and bake till rice is done. [There's no information about temperature or time in the recipe. Fannie Farmer suggests 375 deg F for 1 hour, but she's using long-grain white rice that hasn't been pre-browned. And should the pan be covered? I am besieged by questions.] Add more tomato juice if necessary, or when adding tomato juice at first, omit some if too moist.


I was so lucky as to benefit from Mom's creativity, and her version was absolutely delicious. I remember this one as being good, too, but her version had more kick. Perhaps she'll post some comments here to tell us what she did. :-)

I'm sorry I haven't been posting. I have, alas, been sick again--this time (we think) with an upper respiratory infection. I'm on the mend again, but way behind on my schoolwork. I'll be spending this afternoon reading about urban planning in the sun. It doesn't sound like a half-bad fate, really--and then I'm off to Monroe for Sunday dinner, which is even better. I think I'll even get to taste the new pork roast recipe!

I hope you are all well. How's Spring where you are? It's beautiful here today.




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