Saturday, April 23, 2005

Anderson Recipe Exchange Redux

Hello everyone!

I've been thinking a lot lately about how much I miss all of you, and how much I enjoyed our short-lived (but spirited) Anderson Recipe Exchange. Finally, it hit me: why not a blog? It would be easy, fun, and perhaps even less demanding than our e-mail version--and we'll get an online archive out of the deal.

I still had a bunch of our old e-mails saved, so I've dug them out and posted them here. I'm not sure I saved all of them, however--in particular, I remember some discussion of sapasui, of which I'd never heard at the time, but which I think I'd like to try to make. Any suggestions? I found one recipe here and one here, but I don't know which one is closest to the recipes you all remember.

It was a lovely Spring day here, and I spent a fair amount of it buying plants and gardening--I have a bunch of containers on windowsills and on a little rooftop outside one of my living room windows. I planted a "cut-and-come-again" leaf lettuce mix in a windowbox in early spring, and today I ate my first homegrown salad, which was very exciting (and tasty).

I'll be back soon with recipes. I've been eating a lot of lentils and beans lately, so I expect it will be Fun with Legumes from my end for a while--but I'm also hoping to tempt Mom into posting a link to the new pork loin recipe she discovered last week. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but it sounds fantastic.

I love you guys!



P.S. It's the purest coincidence that I found time to put this together four years to the day after the last post I had saved--but I think it's kind of neat.


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