Saturday, April 23, 2005

Comments on Sesame Noodles from Aunt Maggie (March 17, 2001)


We tried Laurie's Noodle salad tonight - delicious!

I served the noodles on a bed of romaine lettuce seasoned with chives and garlic. I fried a port steak and thin sliced it and served the pieces on top of the noodles. Great dinner.

We'll probably add this to our specials here.

My knees are acting up today - I went to the exercise training yesterday and hadn't been exercising since my injury, so even though the amount of exercise we did wasn't great (2/3 of the class was lecture), I'm feeling it. So back to my heating pad. I'm sure tomorrow will be much better. It's hard to decide when to exercise and when to lay low.

Bye for now.

Aunt Maggie/Mommie/Sis


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