Saturday, April 23, 2005

Laurie's Sausage Recipes (March 25, 2001)

Hi there,

Christy, the pork dishes you made sound so good. I made a pork roast once and was not happy with the results but I made it in the oven in a big pan. I'm going to try your pork roast recipe on top of the stove. And the pork chops sound good also. I usually flour thin pork chops and fry on top of the stove and then stick them in the oven to get tender. Sometimes they're very tender sometimes not. So I'll try your way next time I make them also. I have a cast iron pan with a tight fitting lid, what do you think about using that or should I use revere ware? I love my cast iron pans. Do you have one?

It's fun to have some new recipes to try that are easy. I get bored with making similar stuff all the time but wwith our busy schedule I don't have as much time to spend on cooking as I used to. Kate has an easy recipe for pork ribs and saurkraut. You can use the inexpensive shoulder ribs and it works just fine. I'll let her send that one. And she makes the best sausage gravy and biscuts I've ever had. Better than Bob Evans!!

The apple crisp Aunt Maggie made when we were out there in 1999 was delicious and so was the dutch baby. One night when we were downtown sightseeing late and rolled into Aunt Maggie and Uncle Tony's house we were hungry and she had several dishes all made up that just had to be microwaved. Yum Yum!!

One of my favorite things to do when making spaghetti is to use sausage (the kind that comes in a link or two and is usually one pound). I use one link or half a pound and chop it up and fry it. Then I warm up the sauce in the same pan. You really only need a little bit of meat to flavor it and it makes for a less fattening dinner. Then I use the other link for white beans. I fry up the meat with chopped carrots and onions and add to great northern beans that I soaked overnight. Even the kids eat this especially if I make corn bread in my cast iron skillet. In fact I'll probably make this tommorrow if I remember to soak the beans tonight!!

Tomorrow the crazyness starts again. We've had a nice spring break though. We spent several nights in a cabin. And we've gotten some shopping done. We got an instrument repaired so it's ready for all the concerts coming up, etc. etc. OK, I just got off the phone talking with Kate to find out now Andi's other instrument, her violin, needs a repair. ARGGGHHH!!

Hope everyone is doing well.

love, Laurie


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