Sunday, April 24, 2005


Hi, Christopher!

I don't know what a blog is or how it works, or how private it is -- I suspect not private at all, so I'll watch what I say.

I see you mentioned sapasui (David spelled it sapacui). Of the two links, the second is closer to what I learned to make than the first. It has a few more ingredients, but sounds good.

Well, I think I'll see how to close this and then see what happens with it.


Blogger Christine said...

Hello, Mr. Nosredna (or should I say Sapasui Sam?)!

You're absolutely right about privacy: these blogs are the very definition of a public forum. I probably should have mentioned that right off the bat; thank heavens we're such a dignified and circumspect family. (Writing that somehow made me think of Mom turning cartwheels in the living room of the house on Taylor.)

Thanks for the sapasui/cui comments. I thought both recipes sounded good, but I'll give the second one a try first...


Christopher Darwoh

7:11 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

Who can't spell her last name? That's Christopher Drawoh to you. :-)

7:17 PM  

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